Cleaning and maintainance

Wool carpets

Only wool of the highest quality is used in the making of hand-woven wool carpets. The wool then undergoes special treatment (washing, impregnation) which protects it and makes it last very long. Owing to this fact, the oriental carpets we buy are easy to keep in good condition. The key way of mainaining them is vacuuming which should be done with the pile direcion.

Stains should be removed with mild detergents for cleaning wool hand-woven carpets while following the instructions. However, if we spill something, it should be enough to simply collect the liquid with a paper towel or tissues, because wool does not absorb liquids - following that use a clean wet cloth to clean the spot in the direction of the pile. It will be completely clean. Before you leave your oriental carpet at a dry cleaner's be sure to check its references thoroughly!

Silk carpets

Oriental carpets made of silk are also highly resistant to dirt, but in this case we should not try to remove the stains with chemical detergents and cleaners. When we notice a stain we should attempt to clean it immediately. We can try to remove it ourselves, and for this we will need a clean white towel which we should use in the pile direction to remove the stain. If after a few such attempts the stain is still visible we should call a professional who will be able to remove it without any problems. Silk carpets should be vacuumed the same way as wool carpets.