Presentation of carpets in your home or office

Presentation of carpets in your home or office

Are you looking for the best carpet to buy? We invite you to our salons. We have a huge selection of excellent quality, hand-woven carpets at attractive prices.

What if you're not sure whether the chosen carpet will match the design of your room perfectly? Or you have found some interesting carpets, but you can not make up your mind which one will go well in your space and fit its interior design? We have prepared a special offer for you - a presentation of selected carpets in your home or office.

How to arrange this presentation?

When you visit one of our salons ask anyone from our staff about the presentation. Together with you, in our salon, we will choose appropriate carpets. We will be happy to assist you in deciding which carpets may best suit your apartment, office or institution. The style and the colors of the room, the type and amount of light, the function of this space are only a few examples of the things that we consider when giving our advice. Carpets do not withhold any secrets from us. To assist us, if you can, take a few photos of the room where you want to place the carpet - photos made with your mobile phone will be enough.

The selected carpets, together with a few extra ones, of a different style and different colors, which we believe can also complement your interior design, we will deliver at a previously agreed, convenient for you, time.

We will present to you each of the selected carpets in turn, so that you can decide if it meets your expectations.

Our many years of experience in selecting and selling hand-woven carpets guarantee that we can fulfill any order.