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Chinese Kagashi carpets draw their inspiration from the symbols of the rich Chinese culture. Moreover, strong trade relations between China and Europe in the nineteenth century enriched them with elements characteristic of Baroque, Rococo, Classical and Imperial styles. The original colors were mostly navy blue, black and beige with a pink shade, red as well as teal. Later, thanks to inspiration from Western interior designs they developed a rich palette of pastel colors. The pattern of the carpets is created by aritistic trimming. This is unique to the Chinese art of making carpets. Owing to this method the carpets achieve a unique three-dimensional look.

- Washed like satin
- Slight trim, three-dimensional look
- Pattern rich in symbols
- Harmonize with stylish furniture

Data sheet

country of originChina
name / regionKangshi
size170x240 cm
other available sizes70x140, 90x160, 120x180, 140x200, 170x240, 200x300, 250x300, 250x350, 300x400
thicknessapprox. 16 mm
weaving densityapprox . 86 000 knots/m2
price 4 990,00 zł


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